Save the Date Guide

Save the Date Guide

Mar 21st 2023

A Save the Date card is an informal announcement sent to your A-list guests before the official invitation, informing them of your wedding date and location. While only some choose to do so, it can be a beneficial step to include in your planning. However, before you send them out, there are essential considerations to remember. We have compiled a helpful guide to Save the Date etiquette, covering everything from who should receive one to the dos and don'ts of sending them out.

Why Send Save the Dates?

Save the Dates serve a valuable purpose, especially for guests outside your immediate family. Even if your friends and family know your engagement and wedding details, sending a pre-invitation notification is still crucial. By sending them, you can ensure that the people you want to be there can earmark your wedding date in advance. This is particularly important if you're planning a destination wedding during peak travel times or if others in your circle are also getting married around the same time. This way, guests can make travel and accommodation arrangements well in advance.

Additionally, Save the Dates are your guests' first touch point with your wedding, so they can set the tone for the day.

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Who should get a Save the Date?

Including everyone you want on your Save the Date list at your wedding is a good idea, even if they've already verbally confirmed their attendance. This will prevent them from messaging you repeatedly to double-check the date. Be sure to include immediate family members, the wedding party, and close friends and family you absolutely want there on the day.

What should you include in your Save the Date?

Simplicity is key! To ensure your save the date is effective, there are three essential pieces of information you should include:

  • Your names (traditionally listed with the bride's name first)
  • The wedding location (city and state are sufficient at this stage)
  • The wedding date

Resist the temptation to include too many details at this stage; save them for the formal invitation. However, you may include a personal website URL to direct guests to information such as venue, hotel accommodations, and registry. You can also add a line at the bottom of the Save the Date, such as "Formal invitation to follow," to reassure guests that more details are coming.

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When should you send a Save the Date?

To ensure that your Save the Date and official invitation don't overlap, it's recommended to send your Save the Date six to nine months before your wedding day. Sending it earlier than this timeframe may lead to unexpected changes in your wedding venue or date. However, for destination weddings, sending your Save the Date nine months to a year before the wedding is advisable to allow guests to make travel arrangements.

How should you Address Save the Dates?

Wedding invitations have a long-standing tradition of incorporating titles such as Mr., Mrs., Miss, Dr., Rev., etc. However, these titles are not mandatory when addressing Save the Date cards. The decision is ultimately yours to make. To obtain advice on how to invite guests of different types, continue reading.

Single Guests

Unmarried guests can be addressed using their first and last names or a singular title. If you invite them with a guest, you can add "and Guest" after their full name.


  • Mia Johnson
  • Ms. Mia Johnson
  • Miss Mia Johnson
  • Mia Johnson and Guest

Married Couples

When listing married couples, you can either include titles or simply list their names. Suppose the couple holds notable titles such as doctors, reverends, or military personnel, and you wish to include them. In that case, it is considered appropriate to first list the person with the formal title.


  • Michael and Diana Anderson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Anderson
  • Mr. Michael Anderson and Mrs. Diana Anderson
  • Dr. Michael Anderson and Mrs. Diana Anderson

If a couple shares an invitation but doesn't have a common last name, it's essential to include both of their names. Even if you only know one person, writing both names conveys a more personalized invitation, particularly if the couple has been together for a while. It's advisable to first write the name of the person you're closest to. If you have an equal closeness to both individuals, the man's name is traditionally written first. In the case of a same-sex couple, you can list the names alphabetically.


  • Charlie Jennings and Madison Stevenson
  • Ms. Charlie Jennings and Ms. Madison Stevenson

Entire Families

To invite entire families, you can simply list the last name followed by "family" or list out each name. For families with young children, listing children's names makes it clear that they are invited.


  • The Jackson
  • The Jackson Family
  • Adam, Ana, Kyle and Steve Jackson
  • Mr. Adam, Mrs. Ana, Kyle and Steve Jackson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Adam Jackson and Family

Are You Ready to order your Save Your Dates?

With these fundamental Save the Date tips, you'll be well-prepared to send your first concise and delightful announcement. Sending these notices significantly helps ensure that your loved ones are present on your special day. After finalizing the wording and style, all that remains is to find the perfect card.